Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wort Grant (new equipment)

Lauter grant or wort grant:
Old fashion Wort Grant
When using a pump to move wort from the lauter/mash tun to the kettle, it is easy to pull liquid from the tun faster than the grain bed wants it to flow, compacting the bed and causing a stuck runoff. Aside from being a large pain, a stuck runoff can also damage the pump (magnetically coupled pumps can be damaged if run dry).

A lauter grant is simply a vessel that collects the wort from the lauter/mash tun. The pump is plumbed directly to the lauter grant instead of the lauter/mash tun. Gravity gently pulls the wort from the lauter/mash tun, thus minimizing compression of the grain bed. A float switch is used to turn the pump on when the grant is full.

My Wort Grant side view
My Wort Grant top view

Advantages of using a wort grant:
1. It acts as buffer tank between lauter/mash tun and wort kettle.
2. It gives positive suction to transfer pump (full flow)
3. Main advantage of later grant is: it avoid choking bed. as it avoid choking of bed, brewer will get maximum clear extract in less time.
4. One can easily check gravity at any time.
5. maximum extract with high gravity.

My own design!


  1. Looking to build something similar! What kind of float switches are those that you are using?

  2. These are: Food and Beverage Horizontal-Mount Liquid-Level Float Switches from Mcmaster --

  3. Yes, with craft brewery improving, most of microbreweries have taken wort grant into account. The grant you showed is stainless steel type. Another type is glass. Please check the following link.
    You can see wort clarity more clearly via glass grant.