Friday, January 1, 2016

Slabtown Brewery Upgrade

Mash Tun Motor
Mah Tun Mixing Arms
Mash Tun Insulation
Fermenter Insulation


  1. Noob question.... Is the goal for the mash tun upgrade to increase efficiency?

    1. Yes, also give a better control over the temperature during the saccharification rest and a better conversion into fermentable sugars. It will also keep a more constant temp during sparge (I do sparge most of my beer for 120 minutes!

  2. Wow! That is a very long Sparge! What batch size? Do you run the mash rake all the way through saccharification? Do you recirculate during mash-out? I am running an all electric HERMS rig and recirculate through the whole mash process until sparge. My mash efficiency varies between 80 and 95%. I have been thinking this variation is mainly because I don't mill my own grain but now you have me wondering if it has something to do with temperature variation in my mash tun.... Sorry about so many questions.... Just trying to learn everything I can! The guys in my brew club say I am trying to be "too technical" but I have seen how much my beer has improved since I started paying attention to the details. I am also the only one in the group that can make the same recipe twice and have it taste at least similar.... LOL

    BTW.. Great Blog! I am in the process of going through all of your posts.