Friday, November 7, 2014

Belgian brewers stand up to American brewers !

200 Belgian beers and 525 foreign beers conquer to claim the supreme title at the 3rd Brussels Beer Challenge!

Belgian brewers have rallied this year to present their best beers in the competition. With a participation of nearly 80 Belgian breweries of all sizes and 200 national beers in the competition, they reached a new record!

The local beer industry still faces a major challenge though from the best beers produced in the United States, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain and England as well as far-flung countries such as Australia and ... Cambodia.
These 725 beers will be separated and judged by an international and professional jury of high level.

The Brussels Beer Challenge is:
An international competition launched at the initiative of Brusselicious as part of gourmet food year in Brussels in 2012.
A professional competition which will be held in Leuven (De Hoorn) and enjoying the support this year of the city of Leuven , one of the historical cradles of beer in Belgium. The contest will run indeed in the former facilities of the Stella Artois brewery which was converted into cultural spaces.
A selection of 60 international professional tasters (journalists, writers...) who will convene at “De Hoorn”, for the tasting from October31 until November 2.
25 competing countries: Germany, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, the United States, Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic , Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Poland, Malta and Monaco
A total 725 entries (compared with 592 in 2013) tasted over two mornings and divided into eight styles (Pale Ale, Dark Ale, Red Ale, Lager, Stout/Porter, Wheat, Flavoured Beer, Speciality Beer), sub- divided into 50 categories: Lambic, abbey beers, chocolate-flavoured beers...

Participating countries with the greatest number of entries:
Belgium: 200 beers from79 breweries (188 beers from 68 breweries in 2013)
USA: 177 beers
Spain: 20 beers (newcomer!)

Italy: 110 beers

Netherlands: 38 beers

Germany: 35beers (26 beers in 2013)
United Kingdom: 26 beers

Liefmans Goudenband, oud Vlaams bruin, obtains the title of best Belgian Beer.

Three major trends :
1) The US craft brewers win 53 awards. A great achievement.
2) Belgium obtains 43 awards, 11 gold, 12 silver and 9 bronze
3) UK wins the Comac award for best beer in the competition.

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