Friday, September 19, 2014

Café Anvers is open

It’s been a while since my last post! My brewing season is coming to an end. For the next few weeks I’ll be doing general cleanup in the brewery.
This season I brewed the WIT beer which was gone in record time. The lager was excellent and is also all gone, I’m planning on doubling my production for these 2 beers. My pseudo Lambic is 2 years old and has been sitting on Traverse City cherries since April (almost 6 months). A taste revealed an excellent Kriek beer. The “Speciale Belge” turned out to be very good also this year. I improved the clarity of the beer. The Golden is also good and a little bit on the sweet side (I personally like it this way).

For next year I’ll have, besides my 4 usual beers (lager, wit, speciale and golden), a Kriek and Geuze Lambic.

The 20th anniversary celebration of the Schooner Union was such a success that we’re going to have an annual Schooner Union event each August.

In the brewery I have a new filtering system and am still working of the bottling line and the mash tun agitator.  My experiment with the yeast harvesting and storage is a success. The “house yeast” is very healthy.

Big work was done in the bar area, Café Anvers is open now and 3 kegs were emptied in a very short period. I hope to see you in the bar for a beer or two!

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