Thursday, October 10, 2013

Turkish Breweries

The first modern production of beer in Turkey started with Bomonti beer factory in İstanbul at 1894 by Helvatian Bomonti bros, the brewery was started by two brothers from Switzerland, the Bomonti brothers. In 1902 they built a new facility in the southern part of Istanbul which still stands there today. It is situated in the Bomonti district, which of course takes it name from the factory. Beginning in 1938, it was known as the Istanbul Tekel Beer Factory. It was abandoned in 1991, and locals returned to calling it the Bomonti Beer Factory. It’s a beautiful seven-story building.

Türk Tuborg, a former subsidiary of the Danish Carlsberg/Tuborg group, also brews beer in Turkey under the Tuborg name but is now owned by the Israeli Central Bottling Company (CBC). 
There is also Perge Pilsner managed by the Sural Group, which is located and mainly consumed in the Antalya province. There is also Diabrau produced for the Dia supermarket chain.

Efes Beverage Group, a subsidiary of Anadolu Group, is the largest producer of beer in Turkey with approximately 80% of the market. Efes was founded in Turkey in 1969, and today consists of sixteen breweries in Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia and Serbia, with headquarters in Istanbul. Their main product line is called Efes Pilsen (5.0% ABV). Efes also produces Efes Dark, Efes Light, Efes Extra, Bomonti and Marmara. A further addition has been the Efes Dark Brown which is flavored with coffee. Efes also produce a heffe wiess and a heffe weiss dunkel under the Gusta label. As the 8th most popular European brand by sales volume and the 5th largest European brewer on combined production basis, the company owns a cumulative capacity of 34 million hectoliters. The group is 12th rank in the world beer market.

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