Saturday, September 7, 2013

Slabtown hosting the Schooner Union

Fantastic evening! Very nice turnout,  great weather. A lot of Lager and Wit was served...


---"A delightful evening in a delightful location with delightful people and excellent beer.  Having sampled countless offerings on large chunks of five continents, I can cheerfully say that tonight's fare was some of, if not The, best beer I have found anywhere on the planet.  Very, very well done.
Again, many, many thanks!

--"Thanks for the great get together and brewery tour. I have to admit that was the very FIRST time I actually enjoyed, really ENJOYED several beers !!  You have a real knack for making good tasting stuff. AND - that cherry cider was about the MOST FABULOUS tasting stuff that Keith and I have ever had - and I do mean EVER !!  We will be the first in line when it comes off the production line or when you serve it at your Pub. I'm afraid that I could get seriously addicted to the stuff !! You and that talented son of yours need to get your act out in the public eye! Let us know the very MINUTE the Slabtown products hit the open market - hopefully it will be to a select few FIRST :)
Claudette and Keith"--

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